Unique contemporary artworks by Dawn Duncan-Smith

Artworks created by small pieces of hand dyed silk & commercial fabrics, free machine drawing, also known as thread drawing is applied to secure the fabric onto canvas.

Various colours of lace & fabric are used for portraits, sometimes wedding Tull of flesh colour is applied to soften the features and in other areas netting is used to create depth and shadow in the composition. The fabrics are placed in patchwork fashion applied to the background creating energy and movement, it is then machine stitched like using a pencil, very irregular and many times overlaying the thread similar to hatching technique.

The final piece is then embellished with threads using embroidery techniques or simple hand stitching. I have found a harmonious connection between the sewing machine and the gentle use of needle and thread to tell a story.

Latest Journal Entries

Eureka Stockade

Commission 2018 Titled: 1854, The Birth of Modern Australia In 2018 a client asked me if I would do a…

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