Still Stitching in Maldon

In 2017 my husband and I moved to central Victoria and relocated to Maldon in 2018, I have a studio in the township. It has been designated “Australia’s first notable town” and is notable for its 19th-century appearance, maintained since gold-rush days.


Maldon is steeped in history and a tourist town, there’s alway something happening, a great market, the Easter Parade, Antique Fair, Christmas events,  Folk festival and many more events during the year. Every weekend visitors enjoy the local cafes, restaurants and  shops. 

Studio in Maldon, central Victoria

In 2000 I joined Box Hill Institute after graduating from Swinburne as a mature age student (at 42!) with an AGDA Award (Australian Graphic Design Award), my Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design and  Advanced Diploma in Interactive Multimedia.

I was an educator for 15 years at BHI and taught in Interior Decoration, Animation, Multimedia Art an Design and for my professional development I did a part-time three year course in Diploma of Textile Arts, and loved every minute of it.

But things were changing and a year before I turned 60 became redundant and took a package and headed off to see if I could become an artist. I gave myself 5 years and I haven’t looked back.

I love what I do now and look forward to so much more in my life….being able to express myself in a creative area has given me life and a purpose for who I am and what I am.

In 2014 I was selected for the Artists-in-Residency programme at St Vincent’s Hospital in Fitzroy Melbourne, this was a great opportunity for me to develop my art practice and meet other incredible artists.

I had my first solo exhibition in 2016, “The Story of St Vincent’s”  since then the collection of artworks have be involved in many STV events. The portrait of Ida O’Dwyer, (1880-1960), is photographed with all graduating students, other works were a part of Arts & Photo Exhibitions 2018, STV 125th Anniversary and was selected for the Open House Melbourne 2019, International Nurses Day & Tunnel of Love Expo displayed along the corridor to the ICU during COVID-19 through 2020.

In 2016 I donated three artworks that are now limited addition postcards given to staff and benefactors for services above and beyond. 

In 2019 St Vincent’s acquire the remaining pieces and is now part of their art collections.

Studio 3 at Caritis Christi Kew
St Vincent’s Hospital

Donated artworks to St Vincent's Hospital

Posters and images of my artwork I designed for International Nurses Day and

The Tunnel of Love  2020




Limited addition postcards given to staff and benefactors for services above and beyond.









The portrait of Ida O’Dwyer, (1880-1960), is photographed with all graduating students

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2019 Exhibitions

In March  2019 ‘My Colourful Garden’ with the theme of Australian Native Flora & Fauna at Meeniyan Gallery, Gippsland. 

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In November 2019 at The Capital Theatre in Bendigo ‘A Colourful Stage of Remembrance’ with artwork depicting highlights over 90 years from its construction (of the theatre) as the Masonic Hall in 1873 to the refurbishment in the 1970’s. Thousands of theatre goers passed by my exhibition during the four weeks, again great response & articles written.


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In 2020

In March this year, 2020, I was invited to Open Studios in Maldon and my studio was opened to the public, it created quite a stir with great reviews from visitors, paper articles & many sales.





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During COVID-19 I have been concentrating on portraits. I have enjoyed this challenge of creating recognisable or even realistic persons but I also wanted to include the whimsical side of my work of detail items in the composition using detail hand stitching techniques.

I think I have found a harmonious connection between the sewing machine and the gentle use of needle and thread to tell a story.


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About the Artwork

My artwork is created with small pieces of hand dyed silk & commercial fabrics that are either torn or cut, I use free machine drawing, also known as thread drawing to secure the fabric down.

Various colours of lace & fabric are used for portraits, sometimes wedding Tull of flesh colour is applied to soften the features and in other areas netting is used to create depth and shadow in the composition.


The fabrics are placed in patchwork fashion applied to the background creating energy and movement, it is then machine stitched like using a pencil, very irregular and many times overlaying the thread similar to hatching technique. The final piece is then embellished with threads using embroidery techniques or simple hand stitching.