My Colourful Garden

2019 March Gallery 3, Meeniyan Art Gallery, Meeniyan, Victoria

Inspired by still life compositions, native birds & flowers of Australia, Dawn’s whimsical & colourful artworks are created by applying intricate mosaic style fragments of new & used fabric, some being dyed or Shibori applied to them, this develops interesting marks & gradient colours within the composition.

Machine stitching secures the first layer of the artwork, then hand embroidery is used to embellish or elaborate on the design using a range of threads including silk, wool, cotton, floss & metallic threads, some of which she hand dyes.The metallic threads add sparkle and texture to enrich the surface.

Fabric off-cuts are sourced from op shops, friends or anywhere she sees something that catches her eye.

Black-headed Gouldian Finch & ‘Shades of Green’

Found across northern mainland, from near Broome (WA) to  western side of Cape York (QLD)Common aviary bird that has declined substantially in the wild due to inappropriate grazing & fire regimes.

Ptilotus macrocephalous ‘Shades of Green’ create both colour & texture for containers or display beds. It is particularly suited to drier climates with low humidity.

Budgerigar with Narrow leaf myrtle

Budgerigars are distributed across all mainland states & territories, although usually confined to inland & arid areas. One of Australia’s best known parrots due to it’s popularity as a household pet.

The narrow-leafed myrtle is a close relative of the midgen berry. Both species have pretty, sweet berry-like  fruit that appear in summer & early autumn.

Flighty crimson Rosellas

This species has three main races, known as Crimson, Yellow & Adelaide Rosellas. Occurs in pairs, family parties & small flocks, feeding in trees & scrubs on the ground. Often found in parks & gardens, & can be quite tame & confiding.

Masked Owls

Large disgorged pellets found under a roosting palace will indicate the presence of this species. they are popular in some localities as rabbit destroyers. There are accounts of fierce bluff displays by pairs of these birds when threatened.

Velvet & Sulphur-crested cockatoo

The Australian cockatoo is entirely white with conspicuous erectile yellow crest. Also subtle yellow wash on underside of wings, & large dark beak. Highly gregarious, they can be seen from pairs to flocks of up to hundreds.

Lauren & the Red tailed black cockatoo

The male is nearly completely glossy black, with a rounded erectile crest & bright red panel in tail. Females have pale yellow spots on upper parts, yellow fringing on underside fears & orange-yellow barring in tail.

Budgerigars with ‘snow clouds’

Budgerigars are distributed across all mainland states & territories, although usually confined to inland & arid areas.

One of Australia’s best known parrots due to it’s popularity as a household pet.

Pimelea, ‘Snow Clouds’ clusters of soft white flowers appearing on a very compact dwarf shrub that is tough and adapts well to less than ideal conditions in the garden. It makes an excellent low-growing feature in a container or rockery, where you can appreciate the butterflies it attracts.

Diamond Firetail Finch with Limes & Quandongs

Stocky, large-headed finch occasionally singly or in pairs during breeding season. forages on the ground, usually in close proximity to trees.

The Finger limes is one of Australia’s citrus species, spiky foliage, which can serve as a nesting site for small birds.  The Quandong is a favourite bush food for people living in many inland areas across Australia, closely related to sandalwood & highly prized by the cosmetic industry for their essential oils.

Magpie gathering

Common & well known species. Conspicuous & gregarious, & often in small groups. Intricate social structure & ‘language’ with much cajoling & squabbling. Pairs mate for life. Notorious swooping behaviour during breeding season.

Mulga Parrot & Hibiscus ‘Ian’s Gold

This parrot also know as the many coloured parrot, is endemic to arid scrublands & lightly timbered grasslands in the interior of southern Australia.

The ‘Ian’s Gold’ hibiscus will flower thought the year in frost-free conditions, large & fast-growing yet very compact growth.

Lily & the Powerful Owl

(Winner of the Winter Wonderland Art Exhibition 2018 Maldon Vic)

Ninox strenua.  The Powerful own is found in damp timbered areas. The male is slightly larger than the female & does the hunting while the young are being reared. It likes to perch by day in a thinly-leafed trees permitting fairly clear viewing & easy take-off.

Amy & the Kookaburra

Known by the early settlers as the ‘bushman’s clock’, the species’ raucous & far-crying calls are a common sound at dawn in the Australian bush.

Detail of work

Meeniyan Gallery Studio 3